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Hello everyone!
I'm Ellie and this is Purple Sky, my fanlistings collective. Here you can find all my owned and joined fanlisting. If you are a fan of some subjects please consider joining! ;)
I'd like to thank Hakka for helping me with Enthusiast. She was really kind and patient and I'm sure without her I wouldn't have been able to convert all my fanlistings. Thanks once again!
Enjoy your visit!

Purple Sky was opened on 24th February 2009 and it is owned by me, Ellie. Currently I own 26 fanlistings with a total of 2524 members. I joined a total of 878 fanlistings.

January 23, 2012: The wonderful Joss let me adopt a major wishlister of mine - Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries! I'm sooo happy! :D

June 1, 2011: I finally finished the fanlisting for the awesome Ran Kotobuki - please take a look and join if you like her! :)

May 20, 2011: The awesome Krissy let me adopt the fanlisting for Black Swan, definitely one of my favourite movies. I love it so much! Thanks a lot, Krissy. :)

February 11, 2011: The fanlisting for Tyler/Caroline, my new TVD obsession, is up and running. :)

December 24, 2010: Happy Christmas, everyone! Today I finally finished the fanlisting for the amazingly funny Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. Feel free to visit it and to join if you are a fan like me! ;)

November 27, 2010: Long time no seen, I know, guys! I was pretty busy lately, plus I had some AMAZING approvals and I worked really hard on them: I was approved for two wishlisters, Persuasion (by Jane Austen) and Arisa Uotani (from Fruits Basket), and also for Tohru/Uo/Hana (from Fruits Basket)! Yay, I'm in heaven! Check them out if you are a fan! :)

October 3, 2010: Finally, Purple Sky has a new layout! This is version 5, featuring The Vampire Diaries, my newest obsession. I really love this tv show, every week I look forward to see the next episode! :)
I've been approved for Takako Chigusa from Battle Royale (I love her!); hopefully in the next few days the fanlisting will be done.